Browser version only playable in Firefox!

Chrome works OK after you mash the arrow buttons a few times. (No clue why)

Downloadable version is the most stable. Thanks for playing!

Android Controls

  • Left, Right (Touch Bottom Left Screen, Touch Bottom Right Screen)
  • Jump (Touch Top Screen)
  • Select (Touch)
Everything Else
  • Left, Right (Arrows or Joystick)
  • Jump (Up Arrow or "Y" on Xbox Controller)
  • Select (Spacebar, Enter or "A" on Xbox Controller)

Thank you for checking this out. I made this in a few hours for the Ludum Dare + Discord Jam. I wish I had more time but I have to go to work tomorrow. Enjoy!


Dark Past.7z 91 MB
Dark_Past.apk 111 MB


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The graphics were good, the music fitting and it actually had a story behind it (extra points for that!)
Oh, and great platforming level design! How could I forget about that!